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About UNF Domains Themes – Dr. Vinny Boombatz

About UNF Domains Themes

Welcome to the UNF Domains Theme site!

This site presents a selection of WordPress themes that are “UNF Themed” for UNF Domains. The selection of UNF Themes includes:

Each of the themes has been customized with a UNF “look and feel” based on the original theme. More information is available on each theme’s page, and we will provide instructions on how to customize them as well as provide suggestions for non-UNF themes if would prefer to use one.

This site does its best to present a given theme with some example pages. However, since it would be quite labor intensive to create a site for each theme, we provide an example of the home page of each theme, and also examples of different types of pages, that “switch” to the theme:


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